HELPING HAND PARALEGAL SERVICES  is a successful cost effective alternative for anyone who cannot afford to hire an attorney to handle writing Appeals and Motions. Our goal to simplify legal writing for everyone. We value your time and business. We are dedicated to provide a fast, accurate, affordable, paralegal service. Our team uses their writing skills and knowledge of legal research to help you write successful Appeals and Motions.

HELPING HAND PARALEGAL SERVICES  is your neighborhood creative writing center.  We are dedicated to providing low cost legal research and legal document production to anyone who needs help writing Appeals and Motions.  We can help you write a  briefs to perfect an appeal if  can not afford to hire an attorney.

We are committed to excellence.  We believe that everyone should have their day in court regardless of income. We believe that everyone should be able to express their rights freely in court and offer our legal research and creative writing skills in support.

During the past few years, HELPING HAND PARALEGAL SERVICES  successfully helped countless New Yorkers write Appeals and Motions.

If you need help writing a motion or file an appeal in your case because the court made a decision against you and don't agree with the decision, please reach us on the contact form.