A motion is commonly referred to as a legal application to the court for a specific relief or a decision. A motion may be made orally or in writing, however most motions are written. A motion tells the court what the case is about, and provides the court a detailed history as to what has happened in the case so far. It informs the court of the reasons why the a plaintiff thinks the court should issue an order in his/her favor. A motion is supported by evidence explaining why a plaintiff should win their case.

A motion may also contain citation to case law or statutes the plaintiff may believe are relevant in helping the court make a decision in their case. There are different kinds of motions, and the most popular ones are: Motion for a Default; Motion to Vacate a Default; Motion for Summary Judgment; Motion to Compel; Motion to Strike and; an Order to Show Cause. In New York State, the Civil Practice Law and Rules provide the court rules and procedures on making a motion.

Our goal at Robinhood Legal Services is to help you research the law and use our creative writing skills to put your thoughts into words and simplify the legal writing process. The entire process is seamless and most motions are usually done within hours.

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An Appeal is an application to a higher court to review and reverse a lower court's decision. If you are involved in a lawsuit and the judge issued a decision in a case against you, and you disagree with the decision, you can file an appeal in attempt to change it.

In an appeal a lower court may have disregarded a vital fact, or misapplied the law to the facts of your case. In either of these given situations filing an appeal is an option open for you.

A person who files the appeal is known as the Appellant. The process of submitting all the documents to the court for review is known as perfecting the appeal. An appeal consists of: The Record on Appeal, the Appellant's Brief, the Respondent's Opposition and the Reply Brief. The Record on Appeal is a complete reproduction of all the documents that were submitted to the lower court to enable it to render its decision; and the Appellant's Brief is an essay supporting your reasoning as to why the court should reverse the lower court's decision.

Our Task at Robinhood Legal Services is to help you formulate your ideas into words, research the issues for you, and help you compile the record on appeal, as well as type the brief for you. Again, the process is usually seamless and most appellate work can be done in a few weeks.

If you or someone you know is involved in a lawsuit and you think you may need to file an appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us.